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Its name is derived from the Maasai word Oloonong’ot, meaning “mountains of many spurs” or “steep ridges”.Mount Longonot is protected by Kenya Wildlife Service as part of Mount Longonot National park. A 3.1 km trail runs from the park entrance up to the crater rim, and continues in a 7.2 km loop encircling the crater. The whole tour (gate-around the rim-gate) of 13.5 km takes about 4–5 hours allowing for necessary rest breaks – parts of the trail are heavily eroded and very steep. The gate elevation is around 2150 m and the peak at 2780 m but following the jagged rim involves substantially more than the 630 m vertical difference

Flora and fauna

A forest of small trees covers the crater floor, and small steam vents are found spaced around the walls of the crater. The mountain is home to various species of wildlife, notably plains, zebra,giraffe ,Thomson’s gazelle ,buffaloes and hartebeest.Mount Longonot is 60 kilometres northwest of Nairobi and may be reached from there by a tarmac road. A nearby town is also named Longonot. The Longonot satelite earth station is located south of the mountain.


Longonot is a Stratovolcano which contains a large 8 x 12 km caldera formed by vast eruptions of trachytic lava some 21,000 years ago. The current summit cone was developed within the earlier caldera. This cone itself is capped by a 1.8 km crater. The mountain has several parasitic cones and effusive lava eruptions occur on the flanks and within the caldera floor. Periodic geodetic activity recorded at Longonot in 2004–2006 demonstrated the presence of active magmatic systems beneath this volcano.

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Challenging but worth it!

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5/ 5

What more would you want besides beautiful views and wildlife sightings as you get in some exercise? my church friends and I decided to visit Mount Longonto for the second time. I will tell you for sure the second time experience was a whole different ball game. Well.. most of us are fit but do not hike too frequently. For those who love kfc, pizza Inn so much all they could do is complain about the entire journey Lol!. Now they were paying for all the kuku fires and pizzas they have been eating. With the sun, it can be challenging. The initial part is easier, but toward the top, it gets steep. We took many short breaks in between. The rim itself can also be challenging in some places, its highly recommend doing it in the morning before the heat hits as there is not much shade. Five minutes into hiking Mount Longonot and Imy friends were complaining how they could feel their heart beating violently against their chest. It was both too early and too late to turn back now. Too early because, well, we were just 5 minutes into our hike. And too late because they had spent the past week boasting about their spectacular hiking and endurance skills. hahahaha! I just couldnt help myself but laugh at them. By 10:am, we began the hike and like I said by 10:45, they were nearly ready to give up! having been here before with this team they had an idea of how tough Mount Longonto is but a number did not expect it to get rough in the first few minutes. A few minutes later, we spotted some zebras and gazelles grazing in the distance. More than being excited to see these animals, they were grateful for a chance to catch my breath. The hike got harder and harder and I kept reminding them about our previous trip here and how we conqured without any complaints… I knew I needed to remind them if they could do it the first time, they can also do it the second time. So we trudged on. As we got higher, our breaths became more stable but now a number of my team physical strength was dwindling. A contstant reminder was let everyone set their sight to the hut atop the hill. “Almost there”, I kept telling them. “Almost there”. After an hour, we got to the rim of the crater. We took in the gorgeous views, excited to have made it thus far, grateful to be in that moment. But our hike was far from over… It took another hour to get to the actual summit and we couldnt have been prouder for sticking it out. They say the best view comes after the hardest climb and Mount Longonot proves every bit of this statement to be true by offering us incredible views of its steep ridges from where it derives its name, the crater floor and Lake Naivasha. After we had rested a bit, we began our descent. This was supposedly going to be much easier than the ascent but it proved to be just as difficult for us. we expected the descent to be an easy walk down but it was far from that. Many parts of the trail were slippery, causing Jane and Kevin to break thei fall several times and surprisingly, there were still lots of climbing to do. By this time, their toes were hurting badly in their shoes, leaving them in excruciating pain for the final descent. Eventually, they had to take them off. Altogether, it took 5 hours to hike Mount Longonot. The time could be much shorter if ONLY they had listened to me. Recomendation – Carry plenty water (carry a reusable bottle with you as plastic bottles are not allowed within the National Park) and snacks/fruits to revamp your hydration and energy. A good camera is also a thing for great photos. After the hike, there’s an Inn at the exit where you can take a quick shower (carry some extra changing clothes) and PACKED LUNCH. It is also important to pack according to the weather conditions. A hat and sunscreen are essential for warmer temperatures and a raincoat may come in handy depending on the time you visit. Mount Longonot is worth giving it a try!

Ken Chege

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The view is worth the hustle

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3.67/ 5

If you love hiking, this place has to be on your bucket list. It is a tough climb, nut worth every sweat. Mt longonot is located in Naivasha 90km from Nairobi. You will most likely have to use google maps to reach the entrance because the road signs are not so good. I was there over the holidays with my friends. We were charged KES300 for entrance. They charge non residents KES2800. We also got a tour guide. At first he asked for KES2000 but after negotiations, we paid him KES1000. The climb was exhausting but the view from above was worth everything. We didn’t get to circle the crater because it was getting late and we had to get back before they closed. There are some few things I wished I knew prior to make the experience even better. One, carry water, a lot of water. The climb makes one very thirsty. Two, get there early so that you can hike the whole crater. If you can, use the walking sticks at the entrance which they charge KES50. Other than that, that was a pretty awesome experience.

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hazel luvuno

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Cant believe I made it through 4hours of hiking!

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3.5/ 5

Mt Longonot National Park is located 90km from Nairobi city in the Great Rift Valley. For those fitness junkies, this is a good gate away from the norm. We visited the park a while back with a group of friends. We used private means to get there but there is the option of using public transport. We had been advised on some things that I will recommend to you in order to make the hike less treacherous. You should make sure you hydrate days prior to the hike. Eat enough food before the journey. Carry at least 2 litres per person for the climb. Wear sun screen before the climb. Wear light clothes since it gets really hot. Carry a change of clothes since you get dusty from the hike.Use walking sticks and bring a face mask if possible. There are several sections that are very steep and soft with fine, powder-like dust. The sticks will help slow you down on descents and the mask will help keep the dust out. They offer walking sticks at the entrance for 50/=. We got to the entrance and were charged 300/= per head. For non residents, the cost is $28. We also paid 2000/= for a guide. The hike took approximately 2 hours from the Park Gate to reach the rim of the crater rim and descent back to the gate. We began the hike in a counterclockwise direction around the crater since the steep sections are easier to ascend than descend The hike going round the crater rim would mean another two hours, thus the total hike takes approximately 4 hours for the round trip. I would recommend this hike over and over again. The experience is quite something but be ready for the burn!

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Lynne Olonje

83 Reviews

I prefer a nap instead but the little exercise here coupled with the wildlife was definitely worth it

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4/ 5

I’m generally not an adrenaline junkie. The feeling of sweat dripping down my back and feeling of straining my muscles all the way is just not for me.However,the feeling of all the weight I carelessly gained after binging on one or two occasions get stripped away from my body leaving a perfect toned outline is quite satisfying. Because of my general dislike for strain , mountain climbing is not one of my very favourite things to do.But if you’re idling around on a weekend and you like the whole climbing experience why not pack a few things or two and make your way to Mt.Longonot to get your spirits renewed. To be honest, all the partners I went with here felt so renewed but personally after only two hours all I felt was hunger and regret. It’s a slippery slope. Mount Longonot is located in rift valley province. We went here on a Saturday morning and we decided to drive here.We left early so that we could get convenient time to climb the mountain. You also want to avoid the afternoon heat because I promise the heat plus the climbing is not a good combination. It took us about 2 hours to get there.The place is clean and very green. Basic rules of course is when climbing here carry as little as possible. I wish someone had told me,I carried a bag which I almost threw away as we went along. It’s basically a beautiful long trail along a crater that gives you a view of some wildlife such as zebras, warthogs and gazelles.The animals really contributed alot to my adventure. I would also advise you to carry alot of water , preferably the only thing to avoid alot of straining. Also climbing the mountain in the counterclockwise direction is way easier and less strenuous because of the topography. The climb takes about 3 hours normally but it took me about 5 hours. I think the two extra hours was for every time I stopped and made a vow how I was never doing that again. (This was actually every few minutes so yeah).If you like adventure, definitely say yes to the climb.If you don’t,say yes to the nap home instead.

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