Hero is a new kind of eatery; at the intersection of design, fantasy, indulgence and individuality. Built as a speakeasy with a discrete entrance and prohibition-style bar; the concept invites the guests to be members of a secret space. Bridging fantasy and reality, the space and food celebrate heroes from comics and from our own community; the thought leaders, entrepreneurs, athletes, authors, do-gooders, champions of humanity and protectors of the environment.
The menu features sushi, but it is decidedly not a Japanese restaurant. The food is not authentic, it is creative. The cuisine adopts the sushi form, but takes it out of its native context to give way to more flavor, color and fun. The small plates draw in influence from the idea of the superhero, and their superpowers.

A new kind of eatery at the intersection of design, fantasy, indulgence and individuality. Built as a speakeasy with a discrete entrance and prohibition-style bar; the concept invites you to be members of a secret space. Bridging fantasy and reality, the space and food celebrate heroes from comics and from our own community; the thought leaders, entrepreneurs, athletes, authors, do-gooders, champions of humanity and protectors of the environment.

The small plates draw influence from the idea of the superhero, and their superpowers.

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Japanese inspired comic restaurant

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5/ 5

Tucked on the 9th floor of the Trademark Hotel in Nairobi’s swanky ex-pat suburb – Gigiri, that features creative dishes, cocktails, and desserts against the backdrop of Nairobi’s beautiful skyline. Immediately you walk in you cannot stop and notice the small plates draw influence from the idea of the superhero, and their superpowers as they are all over the interior of the establishment to the menus on the table. I am always game to trying out different places and this time my friends, sisters and I went to Hero. Apparently, Hero is widely known and loved for its cocktails. Mind you this does not mean if you are not a cocktail person you cannot visit. Personally, I wanted to experience my jaws dropping down because of their interior and food as I have heard good reviews too. One of my friends mentioned that there are timeless favorites that will tantalize and whet your palates. 3 cocktails one must try out, that will make you go back for more and more are ODE TO LUCY (Remy Martin VSOP, Cointreau, strawberry tea, grapefruit juice, ginger, gomme, soda), LOKI’S CUP (Tanqueray Gin, bourbon, Martini Rosso, homemade orange bitters) and INFINITY (Beefeater Pink Gin, blueberries, tonic). After sitting down and making our drinks, my eyes could not stop but wander around. You already know by now, I love it when my eyes get to feast just as much as my stomach. The ambiance at Hero was an exquisite attack of colors and light reflections – a few of my absolute favorite things. We were served with a smile by one of the staff, this is one thing I take very seriously any time I’m going out to try different foods/hotels. Given the propensity for people to want to enjoy good things, I’d recommend booking a table, especially if you wish to enjoy the rooftop views as you enjoy your meal and drinks. We shared the charcoal pork belly skewers, garlic chips, and the prawn and grilled avocado sushi rolls. I have eaten sushi a number of times, but I can tell you the sushi at Hero was different, the feel and taste of the fish, the texture of the rice grains, and the flavor of the seasonings were well seasoned and to top it all off passion fruit was sprinkled on top! this was PERFECT! Personally, I preferred being at Hero as the sun sets, as you get to see the beauty of Nairobi come to life. They say life in Nairobi starts at night, without a doubt you get to experience all its beauty at Hero. Hero stays true to its principles of presenting artful, modern drinks with graceful service in an elegant setting.

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208 Reviews

This place is great! Amazing cocktails, food and service

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5/ 5

It’s located on the 9th Floor of Trademark Hotel Gigiri, Nairobi. I visited the restaurant for the first time with a special person in my life. Upon arrival, we were escorted by the hostess to the table we had reserved. The restaurant is immaculate, and the theme and décor are welcoming, with beautiful Chandaria lights and relaxing background music. The waiter who was serving us gave us the menu. After going through, we were ready to order. For the starter, we had chicken and noodles soup Ksh 950. It was nicely done and with very satisfying flavors. Next, we ordered cocktails (Ode to Lucy and two boy Scouts old-fashioned). The presentation was wow and unique, taste-wise balanced with delightful, concentrated flavors. Finally, we ordered a charcoal grill steak and two sushi (Aged Sirloin Steak, Tugulu Roll, and Salmon Tataki Roll) for the main meal. I love the salmon sushi and the steak, and my friend liked the prawn sushi. The food was excellent, with a unique presentation and fantastic tastes. The experience we got was exceptional. The staff is amicable, professional, and creative. The washrooms are also modern and spotless. I loved and enjoyed every bit of what the restaurant provided. I highly recommend the restaurant to anyone who wants a good time and an exceptional, unique service. I will definitely revisit the restaurant.

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58 Reviews

Super hero hangout spot

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5/ 5

The best kind of love involves amazing food and drink,great views,great company, all in the best rooftop restaurant in Kenya. I have been here twice,last year for mothers day and back in January with my friends (a random walk-in). I would recommend you book in advance so you can be on the safe side. This restaurant is truly the intersection of design, fantasy, indulgence and individuality. I love the views and art that’s all over the walls,embracing the heroes from comics. This place is accessible by both Uber and mat..but if you wanna be bougie just use Uber. I noticed this place gets very busy in the evenings from 4.30pm(kwanza Friday and Saturday)bcz these guys make a mean cocktail. Their operating hours are between 12noon-11pm. My first impression of their menu was very confusing bcz it literally looks like a comic book..but Eric made navigation easier and he gave us some recommendations. Some of the meals and cocktails I’ve had and enjoyed: 1. Prawn+grilled avocado roll (2400/=)- this had spicy tempura prawn,grilled avocado,spicy mango,crispy plantain, guacamole 😋 I’ve only had sushi once in my life and it made me sick 😫 this time round I decided to conquer my fears and had a taste..and wow!! It left my taste buds dancing bcz everything was so fresh😋 then they plate so artfully so you can eat with your eyes. I recommend you come for sushi here. 2. Breaded calamari (1100/=)- it has szechuan pepper and spicy dashi ponzu. Absolutely crunchy and very moist,soft inside..then plus the sauce 😋 match made in heaven! 3. Chicken teriyaki skewers (1550/=)- with sugar snap salad and peanut sauce. Very tender and only problem is its only 4skewers for that price 😭 4. Red miso lamb chops (2400/=)- with spinach tempura and dashi-miso lamb jus. They were just okay nothing spectacular 5. Drinks -range between Ksh. 400- 1100. They are divided into 5 categories: •Heroes•Sidekicks•Villains(Mocktails)•Law Enforcement (0% ABV) and •Parole (15-20% ABV). I thoroughly enjoyed Loki’s cup (Tanqueray gin,bourbon, martini rosso,homemade orange bitters) goes for 1100/=. It’s the buzz for me🤪 I would recommend starting with Mocktails as you are eating then move up to cocktails I would say the prices are relatively affordable for most dishes and the portions aren’t too bad either (utashiba tu). I just wish they would add Happy hour to their menu so I could at least have an excuse to go back as I enjoy that live entertainment. And btw I love that thank you card they give you at the end from the waiter who served you (it’s the little things for me). For the ladies, you need to wear some comfortable clothes bcz those chairs are pretty low. Me I had to sit on an angle the whole time bcz I’d won a short dress. Hero is an experience, from the decor,meals, signature cocktails and perfect ambience – your in for a surprise with each visit🙂

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Hero is beautiful

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4.6/ 5

Hello uzamartkenya, I am writing a review about Hero bar and restaurant. The restaurant is a really good place to visit and I’ll give it a 10/10. It has a good ambience which i s so great to take photos with your friends and family. I really liked their menu because it was aesthetic .The meals were so tasty and filling.I had pressed pork and fries. The pork was really tasty and juicy. Spices incorporated in the pork were on point. The way they pork was served was beautiful. I may say the waiter who was serving us was so nice to us and had a good spot for people. He explained the menu very nicely snd even recommended nice food to us.The mocktail i had which was known as Tiktok was really refreshing. I liked the fact that the toilets in the restaurant were so clean.The waiter who was serving us was kind enough to write us a thank you note at the end of our meals and drinks. I’d 100%recommend a visit to Hero restaurant.

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Lynne Olonje

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4/ 5

Hero restaurant is located in Trademark, Village market. As a self-certified foodie, I easily fall in love with restaurants that stimulate my palate and keep me wanting more. I visited this restaurant for a work lunch with a couple of friends. When we heard we could choose which restaurant to visit, the decision of visiting Hero was unanimous. We got here at around noon and the most remarkable thing about this date was the sushi. It was so well done I could cry. On entry, what caught my eye immediately was the beautiful bright colors and the comic theme that was dominating the restaurant, from the menus to the general decor. The first thing we had was some drinks. We then ordered starters, the main course, and some dessert.I had the Loki’s cup which was around 900kshs:it contained Tanqueray gin, bourbon, and some homemade orange bitters. Let’s just say the cocktail did the thing and gave what it was supposed to give. For starters, we had the white miso soup(900kshs) ,crab and lobster maki (1100kshs), and lastly some breaded calamari(900ksh) which was my absolute favorite.It had a crunchy course exterior with a soft well done interior. The highlight of my visit was the Tugulu Sushi Rolls (1700). This was my first time actually enjoying sushi and I have no clue how I navigated life without all the goodness sushi has to offer.For dessert,I had the mango sorbet chilli granita which melted in my mouth and released flavor comparable to eating an actual mango with chili. When visiting I would recommend giving their sushi a chance because I promise you will not regret it.

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Ken Chege

398 Reviews

They are fantastic hosts.

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3.6/ 5

We had a friend’s birthday party at this restaurant a week ago and everything from the service, decor, and views made it a very memorable party. Hero restaurant is located on the 9th floor of Trademark hotel in Village market which is some 25 minutes from Nairobi CBD and taking a cab cost about kes 700. Before the d-day, we kissed with the management and they gave us the best date to come when there would be few people and also the best spot for a group to dine. Walking out of the elevator and into the restaurant, you notice the comic artwork on the walls. It looks fantastic. They had as at the far side of the restaurant where there was a couple of couches. Guys had already started taking lectures from the minute they walked in. One of the waiters, Reagan, took such good care of us. The management had given us a group package which saved some change considering this joint is fairly pricy. They are amazing hosts.

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Suzie A

26 Reviews


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4.6/ 5

A hero comic book inspired and themed restaurant housed at the 9th floor ( rooftop) of Trademark Hotel in Village Market with the best Nairobi skyline views , unique flavor combinations, creative take on food and drinks and alluring decor features. They describe themselves as an ‘eatery at the intersection of design, fantasy, indulgence and individuality’, and true to that the comic theme is seamlessly translated into the menu, the food, the drinks and the vibes they emanate. FOOD;- (Price range Kshs.700 – Kshs.2400) Their comic book menu is such an exciting and awesome touch, with an interesting mix of modern Asian fusion foods all ranging from small plates to charcoal grill plates all artistically plated . For starters we had 1) White miso soup (Kshs. 900):- soy braised pork belly, sweet red chili, root vegetables and daikon. This was hot, spicy and the perfect soup to kick off a fine dining experience. 2) Crab and Lobster Maki(Kshs.1100), :- fresh crab, avocado, glazed lobster tempura, mango gel, passion fruit and soy glaze, so fresh and a creative combination of flavors that went so well with each other . 3) Breaded Calamari (Kshs. 900):- , Szechuan pepper, spicy dashi ponzu. Tender on the inside, crispy on the outside and a dip into the spicy dashi ponzu elevated the flavor. Mains:- 1) Red Miso Lamb chops served with spinach tempura, dashi-miso lamb jus (Kshs.1700) 2) Chicken Teriyaki Skewers served with sugar snap salad and peanut sauce (Kshs.1550) 3) Aged Pork Neck Steak(Kshs. 1550) swerved with spicy miso sauce, raw vegetable salad 4) Tugulu Sushi Rolls (Kshs.1700), tempura prawn, fresh crab, spring onion, sugar snaps, mango , soy glaze , avocado All these were good but were lacking a little bit on the flavors, could have been better. DRINKS: – (Price Range Kshs.750- Kshs. 900) Creative, strong and seriously impressive drinks. I highly highly recommend trying out every cocktail on their menu as they are pretty much the it!!! We had 1) Mask of Sorrow (Kshs.750) Jose Cuervo, mango, white wine, basil syrup. 2) Boy Scout Ol Fashion (Kshs. 850), the sequel to the original ‘Old Fashioned’ with Bullet Bourbon 3) Loki’s Cup (Kshs.900) , Tanqueray Gin, bourbon, Martini Rosso, homemade orange bitters 4) Halo Mocktail (Kshs.550), guava, pink blossom iced tea, lime juice, simple syrup, baobab powder. DESSERT: – The desserts were my highlight, unique Kenyan classic ice cream and sorbet flavors all which have a childhood story attached to their creation. 1) Uncle Obama (Kshs.700), banana ice-cream, dried banana, exotic caramel, banana bread, namalaka cream, sourdough chip. 2) Flash Fire (Kshs.550), mango sorbet, chili granita 3) Charlie Brown (Kshs.700) peanut butter ice cream, peanut sponge, raspberry jam, crushed peanuts. The desserts are so delicious, definitely not to be missed on. SERVICE: – Hospitable stuff and attentive to your needs, shout out to Eric for the personal and quick service. Hero is a great spot to unwind with friends as you enjoy the Nairobi views and share different bites of what’s on the menu. Highly recommend booking beforehand and visiting during the weekends as there is a resident DJ, whose mixes are so fire you dance as you chow down and enjoy yourself.

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Angel Ngugi

85 Reviews

An amazing brunch with friends.

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5/ 5

Hero restaurant is located on the 9th floor of Village Market at the Trademark Hotel. The elevator on the ground floor opens up to a small hallway that leads to the restaurant. I visited the restaurant on a Sunday and I was impressed by the view of Nairobi from the restaurant. The restaurant has great artwork on the walls and an open-plan kitchen. On this particular Sunday, there was a DJ near the bar who entertained us the whole day. I was meeting my friends there and we decided to have a table where we could have a view. The restaurant was pretty empty but tables became more occupied as evening approached. The menu at Hero is quite vast and has a lot of seafood options, which are my favorite. I ordered the Loki’s Cup cocktail which is gin-based as I waited for my appetizer and the main course of aged sirloin steak. The waiter attending to us, Eric, was absolutely charming and helpful. He ensured that all our needs were met and our orders were brought to us as quickly as possible. My appetizer was a mushroom soup that was absolutely divine. It had the distinct taste of mushroom which I love in a soup. My aged beef sirloin came to our table soon after. The steaks are generally served on stoves and cast iron pans which enable one to reheat the food or cook it according to your specification. I always prefer my steak well-done so I loved this. For the prices, each cocktail ranged from KES 700- 800. The appetizer was KES 600 while my main course was KES 2100. For dessert, I had a mango sorbet, which cost KES 500 and was the perfect ending to a perfect meal.

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