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How To Plan A Perfect Picnic

Angel Ngugi
Picnics with your family or friends are a great pocket-friendly experience to enjoy the great outdoors and bond over a meal. Nairobi has some beautiful outdoor parks and forests that have beautiful green spaces allocated for picnics. The serenity of laying on your shuka and enjoying the sun on a Sunday afternoon is bound to […]     Read More

Top 10 Women-run Businesses In Kenya

Angel Ngugi
It is often said that women are the real architects of society. Over the years, women have made ground-breaking achievements that have set the pace and an example for other women to follow. Women now continue making huge strides in different capacities in society proving that they too are smart, intelligent, shrewd, and can be […]     Read More
Pizza Nairobi

Top 10 Pizza Joints in Nairobi

Ron Simiyu
Pizza has become one of the most popular meals among Kenyan millennials. Because of this popularity, a lot of domestic joints, Italian restaurants and international pizza joints have opened up. And some high-end restaurants have even started selling pizza too, so as to cash in on this pizza craze. The pizza joint boom has made […]     Read More
Uzalist Top 10

Top 10 Places to have Lunch in Nairobi

Ron Simiyu
If you work in Nairobi, finding a reliable restaurant where you can have lunch daily is very important. Especially if you want to stay productive after your lunch break. There are a lot of restaurants in Nairobi to choose from. They all have different menus and offer meals at different prices. So, it might be […]     Read More

Top 10 Financial Services Businesses In Nairobi

Angel Ngugi
  The principal role of the financial service industry is the management of money for both individuals and co-operations. Making up this sector are various components or types of financial services for instance insurance companies, banks, SACCOs, Nairobi Security Exchange, investment companies, asset management companies, and many more. Highlighted below is a brief description of […]     Read More

Top 10 Picnic Spots in Nairobi

Angel Ngugi
Nothing sounds more appealing than a weekend drive to a secluded, quiet, outdoors section of the city in search of serenity and rejuvenation for the week ahead. In my experience, Nairobi has numerous hidden gems within the city that one can enjoy this experience in. Though Nairobi is arguably a concrete jungle, there are many […]     Read More

10 Incredible Food Experiences To Have In 2021

Angel Ngugi
2021 is definitely the year to try out new food experiences and eat-out spots you haven’t had a chance to eat at before. Whether it is a romantic dining experience or a cool hang out with friends and family a great food experience, there are so many incredible food experiences to try out in Nairobi. […]     Read More

Top 20 Bookstores In Nairobi

Angel Ngugi
Albert Einstein once said that ‘ The only thing you absolutely have to know is the location of the library’. Bookstores have always seemed to me like smaller versions of libraries that give you a chance to not just borrow but actually get yourself a copy of that novel or book you’ve been eyeing for […]     Read More

10 Most Loved Grocery Stores In Nairobi

Angel Ngugi
I grew up in the countryside where I had the privilege of picking my own fresh produce and having fresh dairy products and eggs straight from the farm. Now that I moved to the city, adapting to the norm of not having the freshest produce which is definitely pricier was quite a challenge in the […]     Read More

Top 10 Service Delivery In Nairobi

Angel Ngugi
With life in Nairobi getting busier and busier and people getting so caught up in work, delivery services have made life easier with their efficient delivery right at one’s doorstep. Delivery services which include food delivery, grocery delivery, and even courier services for package/parcel delivery have quickly become what people opt for in order to […]     Read More
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