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While we may have worked hard to transform our bathrooms into a spa-like destination from  walk-in-showers with all the bells and whistles to vanities full of  the most luxurious swlf-carw products we can all agree that  there’s nothing like getting away for a few days and enjoying a wellness retreat.  Resetting your mental and physical health sometimes requires […]     Read More

10 Best Cafes In Nairobi

With a third wave of coffee sweeping across Kenya over the last decade, the global demand for coffee and café culture, and the increased enjoyment of specialty and premium coffees like origin-specific or ethically sourced coffee means that Kenya is no stranger to coffee roasteries and shops. Like many corners of the planet,it has earned […]     Read More
Kenya Safari


Without a doubt, Kenya still holds firmly the title of the best African country to go on a safari. Yearly, thousands of safari goers jet in to see the country’s great wildlife areas and spectacles like the Great Wildebeest Migration. Due to the mild climate, wide open spaces, and abundant wildlife in heavyweight destinations like […]     Read More
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Best Maternity Hospitals In Nairobi

When expectant parents consider their options for welcoming a baby into the world, as a result, the Best Hospitals for Maternity Care is put in place to help them identify hospitals that excel in delivering babies for uncomplicated pregnancies, therefore Uzamart has curated a list of the best maternity hospitals in Nairobi to ease your […]     Read More
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Top 10 Event Grounds in Nairobi

Ron S
The last decade has seen a boom in the music concert space in Nairobi. This has led to an increase in the number of event grounds in the city and its environs. Picking the right location for an event is very important since it affects attendance. Nairobians, myself included, tend to avoid insecure locations and […]     Read More

Top 10 Art Galleries in Nairobi

Ron S
Art is an important part of any society. And in a multicultural city such as Nairobi, it is the only way for marginalized communities to express themselves and feel seen and appreciated. This is why Nairobi has a large number of art galleries. The large number makes it almost impossible to know all of them. […]     Read More

Top 10 Country Clubs in Nairobi

Ron S
Nairobi has the highest number of Country clubs in East and Central Africa. And in the last decade, more country clubs have been built in the city’s environs. The older country clubs have also seen renovations and expansions. It’s hard and expensive to become a member of a country club, so it’s important to choose […]     Read More

A New Year’s Eve Event Guide For The Kenyan Coast

Ron S
New Year’s Eve is almost here and as is custom, many Kenyans will be heading to the coast to celebrate the holiday. Many festivals are usually hosted at the coast during this period to capitalize on the influx of revellers. The parties range from beach parties and club bashes to weekend-long festivals. The large selection […]     Read More

Uzamart Events Guide – The Top Events in Nairobi – December 2022

Ron S
December is finally here, and as is customary, Nairobians will be partying from the 1st to the 31st of the month. To quench Nairobians thirst for partying, event organisers and the Nairobi County Government have organised festivals to entertain city dwellers. Some of the biggest international and local artists will be headlining these events. And […]     Read More
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