The AFEW (African Fund for Endangered Wildlife) Giraffe Centre is located in Langata, just outside Nairobi.

Giraffe center was purposefully set up as a breeding center for the endangered Rothschild giraffe, a subspecies of the giraffe, only found in the grasslands of East Africa. The conservation center now operates conservation/education programs for Kenyan school children.

There is good information on giraffes available here, and an elevated feeding platform where visitors meet the resident giraffes face to face.

Hand feeding giraffes is an education in itself. You will see, close at hand, how they use their long, prehensile tongues to remove leaves from prickly acacia branches.

The AFEW center is also home to Giraffe Manor, a beautifully maintained colonial home, now an exclusive guesthouse.

Giraffe Manor

Built-in 1932, Giraffe Manor was modeled on a Scottish hunting lodge. This is the oldest of the ‘Safari Collection’s Properties’. The endangered Rothschild giraffe have been roaming these loans since the 1970s when an orphaned Rothschild giraffe was adopted.

The center’s giraffe population wander freely through the lush gardens and pay an occasional visit to the house itself. Some of the unique experiences while here include the giraffe pushing their heads through the French windows to inspect the breakfast tables. Such a close encounter with the Rothschild giraffe gives a chance to appreciate just how beautiful these creatures are.

5 Reviews for Giraffe centre

Ken Chege

389 Reviews

Feeding giraffes is pretty awesome

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4.33/ 5

Nairobi and its wonders. It has a giraffe center a few minutes from the city center in Lang’ata. A cab costs KES700 but there is the option of using public transport which is way cheaper. The entrance cost is KES400 for citizens and residents. A non-resident is charged KES1500. I have been there a couple of times and nothing prepares you for the experience of feeding the giraffes. First things first, did you know that giraffes have blue/purple tongues? I didn’t know that. Their tongues are also really round considering they feed on acacia leaves, that makes sense. There is also a nature trail where you can take part in bird watching. They also house warthogs and ostriches which you get to feed. It is quite the experience for KES400. An ideal location for family outings, dates, and school field trips.

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christine Ngugi

45 Reviews

Most unique outdoor experience

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4.17/ 5

If you’re an outdoorsy, nature loving person looking to find a great way to spend those free out of school/job hours on weekends then this is definitely the place to visit. I loved my experience at the Giraffe centre early last year and will totally head back there again in the near future. For only $4 entrance fee each ( normally the charges for resident adult citizens) my friends and I got to see the endangered Rothschild giraffes here. For any child below three years, entrance here is free of charge! The charges are quite affordable which is one thing I loved about the place. My favourite part about the visit here was getting to pet and feed the giraffes from the feeding platform. Their long rough tongues are quite something! The giraffes are quite friendly and fascinating creatures too.The guide we got was really good and gave us a brief history of the place and the mission of the giraffe centre. Another great thing about the famous Giraffe centre is that the place is open even on public holidays which is quite convenient since in most cases is the only time most people get a break off work. We also took a self guided walk in the nearby Gogo River Bird Sanctuary and got to do a bit of birdwatching. There are usually some warthogs in the mud on the grounds nearby but unfortunately we didn’t get to see any that day. It was however $4 well spent on an unforgettable experience.

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Wendy N

60 Reviews

Giraffes are a tall girls best friend right after diamonds.Quite a nice experience.

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3.83/ 5

I am very tall . All my life (ok after my growth spurt happened),I was always compared to a Giraffes . When I finally got here, I could really feel like the giraffes here considered me one of their own. They were so friendly and feeding them was absolutely blissful. Giraffe center is a wildlife conservation that doubles as sanctuary for a species of giraffes that was going extinct. It’s located in Langata quite a distance from the central business district of Nairobi. We went here on a quiet Monday afternoon and it took us around an hour from town. We paid 400/= per person but the price varies with age and residency. In my opinion it’s pretty small with all the people tending to cramp up in a tiny hut like structure that offers the perfect location If you want to feed the Giraffes. There is also only so much you can do here because if you are not feeding girrafes,you are looking at girrafes and if you are not looking a girrafes you are probably talking about girrafes. There is a nature trail that is also part of the center and the only impressive thing you can see is a bird. I genuinely enjoyed feeding them and I feel like the guide who was handing out the feeds was very close to reporting me to the management for overfeeding. I could feel the rough tongues of the girrafes brush across my hands every time I fed them. This whole experience gave me mixed feelings ; a little gross but at the same time very thrilling. This place is very family friendly and little kids seemed to be enjoying so much. If I had been reported for overfeeding, majority of the people in the cell with me would probably have been toddlers.

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31 Reviews

What do you know about giraffes?

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3/ 5

Sometimes I’m up for spontaneous activities and since it gets boring to stay in one place day after day, we decided to visit the giraffe center! It is located in Langata, Duma road. It took us about one and a half hours from Desai to reach there but all this because for the heavy traffic probably since it was in the afternoon otherwise it should take about 40minutes. On arrival the covid sops are observed. We arrived at around 4pm and purchased the tickets using VISA card and MPESA because they don’t accept cash or you can actually purchase the ticket online the day before. It cost us 400kshs as East African and Kenyan citizens while for foreign nationals it costs 1500kshs. We finally got to the giraffes and we were given snacks in shells that we were to feed the giraffes. It was so funny how the giraffes would eye that shell knowing that you have something for them. They would immediately walk to you to be fed. It was weird at first cause I’d never been so close to one and it was such a huge animal with a huge head and long tongue. I definitely found it hard to feed them at first especially because of the long rough tongue but the guide just demonstrated an easier way of feeding them and once I got the hang of it, it was really fun feeding them and I didn’t want to stop. The giraffes are friendly and we were able to take photos feeding them. It’s worth the experience. There is a lot of history and differences in the giraffes found here that we got to read about on the boards so our knowledge on giraffes was definitely enhanced. However we were unable to take the nature trail because it was already 5pm and the center closes at 5pm so I’d advise you to visit it earlier than we did. It opens at 9am. And the guides were probably tired by 4pm so their service was not as good as I expected it to be. The giraffe center has souvenir shops around with a variety of goodies to carry along with you so make sure to check them out. There’s also a café for snacking, however, it was not operating due to the pandemic.

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Lynne Olonje

79 Reviews

A nice simple indulging activity.

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3.5/ 5

It’s a wildlife conservation Park in Nairobi. It is located in Lang’ata one of Nairobi’s suburbs. It’s easy to locate from the central business district and pretty straightforward .The only animals found here are Giraffes and it was actually started to preserve their species that were getting endangered pretty fast.From the centre you can take a stroll on a nature trail that’s usually there and while you do so bird watching is a very common activity. There’s also a tea house and gift shop available as some of the amenities you can access. The entrance fee you pay usually varies from residents to tourists and also school tours. I paid 400 kshs and some non residents paid 1500 Kenya shillings. The time that it’s open for Giraffe feeding is from 9am to 5pm.When you go here , you usually get to learn quite alot of new things about the endangered Giraffe species and also about the foundation that led to the opening of this centre. You also get to feed them which I found very exciting. Some very explorative people actually got to steal a kiss from the giraffe .I guess I’m not so much into exploration. I love this place because it’s very family friendly and you can come here to spend time with your family,your friends,your partner irrespective of the age and you’ll actually enjoy yourselves.

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